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 1. Life and Living    1

  A. The Biosphere    1

  B. Biodiversity    8

  C. Sexual Reproduction in Angiosperms    19

  D. Human Reproduction

  E. Variation    27

 2. Matter and Materials    28

  A. Properties of Materials    28

  B. Separating Mixtures    34

  C. Sorting and Recycling Materials    36

  D. Acids, Bases and Neutrals    37

  E. Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements  38

 3. Energy and Change    40

  A. Sources of Energy    40

  B. Potential and Kinetic Energy    42

  C. Heat Transfer    45

  D. Insulation and Energy Saving    46

  E. The National Electricity Supply System   47

 4. Planet Earth and Beyond    50

  A. Relationship of the Sun to the Earth    50

  B. Relationship of the Moon to the Earth    54

  C. Historical Development of Astronomy    58

Periodic Table    62

Workbook    63

Study Guide & Workbook: (Chapter; page) A Grade 7 set includes: